Preferance Handbook

Preferance Handbook

Preferance Code

All materials of this section are published on the paper edition of the “Preference Code”, compiled and prepared for printing in 2008 by N.Y. Rosalie, the author of several well-known books on the theory and practice of the game of preference. Nevertheless, since 1996 the text of the Code has undergone virtually no changes, the necessary amendments and comments to it are given in the appropriate subsection.

Code of Preferences with Comments


The code is designed to determine the correct procedure for playing the game of preference at all its stages. The main task of the Code is to protect the rights of each player to equal chances of winning and losing for all participants in the game. The Code provides for the provision of adequate compensation in case of any violation of the game procedure by a player accidentally, carelessly or negligently, as well as in case a player gets an unfair advantage in the game, even if involuntarily. Recognizing the supremacy of the law over arbitrariness and appreciating the benefits of universal respect for the law, a player who violates the rules must be prepared with dignity and unconditionally accept the penalty provided by the Code for his violation. The Code is not so much intended to prevent unfair play 1, as to provide fair compensation for spontaneous damage.

The necessity to create the Code is conditioned by the variety of rules of numerous types of preferential treatment, which are distributed on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries, the variety of local traditions, which have different interpretations of procedural issues and provide for different penalties for the same violations, as well as using different terminology. The development of the Code, propaganda, and dissemination of uniform fair rules of the game of preference, as well as uniform terminology eliminating ambiguity, were recognized as priority tasks at the constituent conference of the Society of Preferance Lovers held in Moscow on January 21-23, 1996.

Any community of people, as well as any individual who recognizes the Code, is given the opportunity to follow formal prescriptions instead of constantly searching for truth or compromise in exhausting arguments, and also to become a member of the Society of Preferance Amateurs, which in time hopes to form the Russian League of Preferance.

The provisions of the Code incorporated the authors’ ideas about the game of preference, its rules, and regulations. Notions of fairness in choosing punishment for a violation are based on Roman law. The first version of the Code certainly does not claim to be absolutely infallible. The editorial board of the Society of Preferance Lovers does not stop working and is ready to consider any suggestions from amateurs and connoisseurs of this game.