Three steps from preferential to bridge.

Zealous prefrancers over time begin to notice that in their favorite game for them almost no secrets. Having studied the probabilistic aspects of the game and the psychology of their regular partners, they have reached perfection and crave new sensations. If the above applies to you, dear reader, try yourself in the field of the bridge and you will open a new amazing world of verified logic, rigorous mathematics, unbridled imagination, justified risk and ignorant of the boundaries of sports excitement. Yes, yes, it is sporting, because the bridge is the only card game cultivated all over the world as a sport. But the main thing is that you’ll get to know a great way to spend your leisure time. The bridge will broaden your horizons, increase your social circle, introduce you to new friends, and perhaps your future spouse. So, we suggest you take the first steps in learning the world of bridge, which is new for you.

The author expresses his sincere gratitude to V.Y.Brushtunov for permission to use his methodical recommendations contained in the book “Modern Bridge”.